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IT was supposed to transform your business. Not weigh you down.

Take the first step with us in making IT your most precious asset.

IT was supposed to transform your business. Not weigh you down.

Take the first step with us.



Engineer and design your dream IT blueprint.



Deliver to budget, quality and need


Protect and Support

Best-in-class security and proactive support

Leading Technology and Service Provider

Netex Managed Services offers a one stop solution, covering every phase from consultation and procurement to operation and maintenance. At Netex, the value provided extends beyond experienced engineers, supported applications and product and service offerings. Our greatest asset is our commitment to building trusted relationships with our clients while providing a proactive support methodology.

Netex works closely with each client to tailor a solution based on their individual needs, acknowledging that a one-size-fits-all solution is not effective. This makes it possible for the solution to evolve as a business develops.

Computer Man

Good enough just isn’t good enough for us.


People Centric

We speak in plain English, communicating difficult things in understandable ways.

Predictable Spend

One fixed fee per month covers all your basic needs.

Money Flower

One-Stop Shop

We are your single, trusted advisor for all IT initiatives.

"How Your Business can Benefit from Managed IT Services”

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"One phone call, done!"

“I don’t believe some of the bigger providers know what customer service means, but with Edge, it’s one of the absolute strong points. I have one phone call and you can’t beat it when you know who’s on the other side of the phone.”

Brett Fisher, MT Hood Skibowl


Our Clients & Partners

The Netex Managed Services team has extensive experience and a proven track record in successfully designing, deploying, and operating many of the largest carrier and service provider hosting platforms in the world.

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