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Evaluation and Consultation 

The relationship between Netex and our clients begins with consultation and evaluation. While not every business that Netex evaluates engages in a customer partnership, the discovery process provides information valuable to decision makers as they prepare for future technical needs.

Through consultation and a comprehensive network evaluation, clients will understand areas of concern. Netex then works with the client to determine an optimal solution for their needs. The solution could be a simple internal modification, a small tweak or change or a fully customized Netex solution.

Services Summary 

The high level overview of the type of services offered by Netex includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • end-user support
  • monitoring
  • network services
  • hosting and backup
  • remote support
  • compliance testing
  • spam and anti-virus
  • procurement
  • disaster recovery

Proactive Support 

Netex’s primary objective is to solve issues before they become debilitating problems. Preventing issues is easier, safer and more cost effective than reacting to them. As a result, every Netex Managed Services client receives services based on a flat monthly rate with a committed number of hours of support each month. Operating within this structure, Netex takes every measure necessary to prevent any major issues.

The first step to issue prevention is stabilizing the client’s environment. Once stability is accomplished, Netex uses advanced monitoring tools and reporting mechanisms to ensure proper performance. Should issues arise, they are addressed immediately to avoid further problems. Whether Netex is working within an existing IT department or acting as a primary, comprehensive IT resource , clients can confidently rely on a full team looking out for their interests, both short and long term.


Our Clients and Partners 

The Netex Managed Services team has extensive experience and a proven track record in successfully designing, deploying, and operating many of the largest carrier and service provider hosting platforms in the world.


Netex Software has extensive experience and a proven track record in custom development of internet-based, distributed and stand-alone applications designed to meet your business requirements.